And Ever Films - Sacramento Wedding Videography

Ok… I’ll be honest with you…

My wife and I got married on November 13th, 2010. It was a beautiful fall day, and the weather couldn’t be more perfect. We chose a bed and breakfast with a barn, north of Sacramento in a town called Loomis (Flower Farm Inn… check it out… beautiful!). We had all the details in place, the perfect caterer, an awesome photographer, beautiful cake, friends and family.

And in the back of the room, we handed a friend a flip cam and told them to film the ceremony.

Yep… thats right… a single flip cam.

It was about a year and a half after that when friends who knew I was studying videography asked me to start filming their weddings. I studied a bunch of wedding films and started piecing together the stories of my friend’s weddings. And when I showed my wife the end results of each one, every time she’d respond to me “This is beautiful! Why didn’t we hire someone to do this at our wedding?”

We look back on our wedding photos from time to time. We had a beautiful book made of them! But there’s times when we wish we had video of her grandpa dancing, if we could go back and listen to the impromptu toast given by her uncle Bill, and relive some of the moments caught between the frames of our photographs.

But it’s not all regrets. We’ve got 5 happy years of marriage and 2 kids out of the deal so far! And at least with that flip cam, we can relive the moment when I brought up Star Trek in our vows.

(Photo Credit: Kevin Hoefer)