Isaac and Jessica – Sterling Hotel – Sacramento CA – Wedding Videography

Family weddings are always the most special to me. Getting the opportunity to capture a wedding for someone you know very personally, and then watch it back with them, you know you’re really getting an honest emotional response from them.

I had the opportunity recently to not only film my wife’s sister, and her husband’s wedding, but also to officiate it! It was quite the endeavor, running both roles. Alas, my team of awesome videographers got some great shots, and I was able to put together a film that my sister-in-law says she watches over and over again, tears of joy every time!

We also had the opportunity to shoot at a gorgeous venue, with an awesome photographer (our favorite – Jaymie with Pyxie Studios).

Venue: Sterling Hotel
Photographer: Pyxie Studios

Till Death Do Us Part – Sam Barrows
Forever With You – Justin Morgan
Stop Time – Landon Austin